version: 3.0.1
date: 2006-06-06

MolTalk - a computational environment for Structural Bioinformatics



MolTalk is a computational environment for doing Structural Bioinformatics.  It interprets PDB formatted files and creates an object representation of the structure-chain-residue-atom hierarchy.  Through the use of MolTalk, the PDB suddenly becomes an object-oriented database.

Computational complexity in Structural Bioinformatics attained a new level. The current PDB contains almost 45k macromolecular structures or more than 96k protein chains. MolTalk is designed to handle such complex and heterogenous information and delivers solutions.

* It is an object-oriented programming library, ready to use for your software engineering tasks

* It has an easy-to-learn integrated scripting language based on Smalltalk

* It builds on top of a highly stable framework: GNUstep

* It is free software in the sense of GNU

* It is available for your target platform (Unizes + Windows)

[ If you are looking for a molecular structure viewer you are better served with MolMol and others listed on Google
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2007-07-25 MolTalk application presented at ISMB07

2006-06-06 MolTalk 3.0 released
2004-08-09 MolTalk 2.0.0 Preview for Win32 released
2004-05-29 MolTalk 1.2.2 released
2004-01-31 MolTalk 1.2 for OSX/Darwin released
2004-01-10 iMolTalk online
2003-12-18 Wiki launched
2003-12-11 Server hardware updated
2003-12-04 New Version out: 1.2
2003-11-11  We celebrate the new design

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